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Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc.

Who We Are

Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc. is a leading provider of fitness programming for deconditioned populations. Through the use of Aerobic Fitness Consultants’ various programs, individuals receive unparalleled professionally designed fitness classes guaranteed to produce results. All programming is created with the philosophy that fitness must include a balanced lifestyle which encompasses physical health (via exercise and good nutrition) and mental health (through self esteem and stress relief). This is accomplished through tailor-made fitness routines which include education and community involvement.

What We Do

Since 1986, the founders of Aerobic Fitness Consultants have delivered programs such as LargerciseTM and KID-FIT to thousands of individuals needing instruction for improving their health and fitness. KID-FIT is a preschool physical education program designed for children ages 2-5. KID-FIT is currently being taught on-site to thousands of children in preschools and day care centers around the world. KID-FIT is available as a licensed physical education curriculum for preschool children. At the present time, Aerobic Fitness Consultants operates a private fitness studio, called “MOVE IT”, dedicated to new and regular exercisers in Arcadia, California.


Aerobic Fitness Consultants Offerings

KID-FIT, Physical Education Classes for Preschoolers

KID-FIT is a structured physical education curriculum designed to teach children the importance of building healthy lifestyle habits. The year long curriculum includes 9 different sessions which each emphasize a different body system and why exercise, healthy eating and rest is important to each one. Topics include: Heart, Lungs, Bones, Muscles, Brain, Mouth, Eyes/Ears, Body Parts and Skin. Through music and the use of fun children’s props, each work out session teaches related healthy habits. For example, the brain session would educate about the brain, what it does and prevention of injury by wearing a helmet. Lung session would talk about what lungs are, how some people have asthma and why it’s important not to ever smoke. Related children’s activity sheets, stickers and hand stamps are given to reward children for participation and reinforce learning. Schools receive classroom projects, PE skills assessment forms and various loan materials. Healthy recipes, Health Report Cards, and newsletters are provided for parents and the community.

Continuing Education Courses

Aerobic Fitness Consultants offers a number of continuing education courses for child care workers, college students, fitness professionals, personal trainers and nutritionists.

Adult Fitness Classes

Aerobic Fitness Consultants provides various adult fitness classes at it's California based fitness studio.


Presentations on the childhood obesity pandemic are available to help educate the public as well as professional organizations on the importance of obesity prevention in preschool children.

Staff Development

Through eBooks, newsletters, and P.E. activities preschool staff can add to their knowledge base and learn how to help children start out life fit.


Aerobic Fitness Consultants Management

Michele Silence, M.A. Founder and President

Raul R. Lopez Director of Operations


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