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Complete Health and Wellness Curriculum

Although dance, gymnastics, creative movement, music, yoga and sports programs all teach valuable concepts, KID-FIT is the only program that incorporates all the above skills into one comprehensive physical education curriculum.

Instead of paying for a variety of separate programs, KID-FIT can give you the important features of each while teaching children how to develop healthy lifestyle habits for many years to come. And, KID-FIT kids never wait in lines for a piece of equipment or for a turn. Save money. Save time. And, give your preschoolers the only balanced physical education program designed to teach them the skills they need for lifelong health.

You can also use the classes to enroll new children. Schedule prospective parent visits during KID-FIT time. Owners of daycare centers and fitness clubs often remark parents often sign children up based on the fast that they have KID-FIT alone!

Preschool physical fitness programs can help your staff deal with special needs children better, teach language skills more effectively, help boost preschool children struggling with poor self-esteem and prepare the future generation to become regular exercisers. The KID-FIT program will bring developmentally appropriate exercise programs to you that address warm-up, sports, aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching and mindfulness. Save yourself time and money with our tested and proven fitness curriculum.

The KID-FIT Program will help you:

  • Integrate one comprehensive wellness program in your facility
  • Offer ALL children a well rounded fitness program
  • Fight childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease and improve immune function
  • Enhance academics (research shows exercise helps the brain learn better)
  • Learn about fitness and earn CEU's
  • Never tire of the program - music and activities are new every 6 weeks

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