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Christmas Families 2019

1 - Read about the families

Print up all 4 pages describing each family here. Pass them to family, friends and co‐workers. The more people who help, the more the families benefit! If someone you know wants to buy a new gift, they need to sign up first or you can put their items in the registry under your name.

2 - Sign up first

Before you buy, wrap or decide on any new gift, please sign up for it on the Christmas Gift Registry. You'll need an email invitation to get in so call/text me at 626‐848‐2950 OR email me (preferably) at michele@kid‐
Every year we get duplicate gifts because people don't check with what has already been signed up for on the registry. And, remember only new gifts go on the registry unless otherwise noted.. If you have used the registry before, you can return there and login by clicking here: Family Registry

Gift Registry Video Tutorial

3 - Wrap all new gifts

It is a wrapping nightmare when every other person brings in just one extra gift that isn't wrapped. Stocking stuffers, medicine cabinet items and pantry items can just be boxed. Stuffed animals do not have to be wrapped ‐ and, we need one for each person to fit in the top of their stocking.

4 - Label each gift in this manner:

TO: the person's name FROM: Santa Please do not put your personal names on the gifts. And, do not include tags or receipts. If you wish for them to have a receipt available, I will hold on to it. Skip the bows (they get smashed in the boxes) but ribbons are nice.

5 - Batteries Included

If your gift needs batteries or anything additional to make it work, please include it in the package.

6 - Gently used items wanted too

Clothing, toys, appliances, furniture, jewelry, etc. Items don't have to be in perfect condition but please don't send rags, stained clothing or broken furniture. If you are bringing clothing they must be in a size that fits one of the family members (See Size Chart) AND be clearly labeled so we know which home to send it to. We do not have time to sort out clothes one by one and will return all unmarked clothing items.

7 - Cash Donations no later than Dec. 18th

You can also help by contributing cash. Any amount you like. Just click here to access our non-profit site
(The KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization) where you can donate and receive a receipt directly from Paypal.

8 - Turn in no later than Dec. 17th

It takes days to organize, package, record who got what and get ready for delivery night. Late gifts put an undue strain on our time and effort. We will only accept perishable food from Dec. 21 ‐ delivery day.

9 - Delivery day is Sat. Dec. 21st

Be here at the studio before 5:00pm if you would like to come along. We'll leave immediately and will not be able to wait for any latecomers.

10 - Join us for dinner!

We'll be going out to eat dinner together afterwards at 7:00pm. Let us know if you'll be coming along by Thurs. Dec. 19 so we can include you in the reservation. Here is a link to Google Maps. You can find the addresses of all stops if you want to find your own way with this Delivery Schedule.

11 - Get ready...

for a touching, wonderful experience that will fill you with joy and the true meaning of Christmas!

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