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KID-FIT is a licensed curriculum as opposed to a franchise. Although a licensing program offers many of the same benefits, there are big financial advantages. Lower start up costs and no royalty fees - ever. The money you make is money you keep. You're able to gradually invest as you grow. So, starting your own business is more fun and more productive.

If you're passionate about children you've most likely seen a number of children's fitness franchise options. Why should you choose KID-FIT over the common franchises? Each franchise model is designed around primarily one important aspect of total health and wellbeing. At KID-FIT we strive to develop the whole child. And, teach children all the things they should start learning now to live a healthy, happy and empowered life. Check out the different types of programs below and see how we compare. You would have to offer all 8 of them to include the basics of the KID-FIT program. With the current state of children's health children's programs need to include a variety of activities to cultivate all the components of fitness while giving children an opportunity to interact together.

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I wanted to start a preschool tumbling business on my own. Through my research, I discovered KID-FIT. It was so perfect and easy. I couldn’t believe I didn’t need to create everything on my own. I just needed to take what they put together and run with it. It’s an incredible package and an unbeatable value.”

 Licensee Char Graham from Canton, OH

Char Rachita Canton, OH

If you want to change the world, KID-FIT is the program for you! KID-FIT is an affordable, unique, FUN program that plants the healthy seed at an early age. "

 Licensee Jerika Lopez from Odenton, MD

Jerika Lopez Odenton, MD

Teaching young children how to take care of their bodies is vitally important as we see the obesity rate climb at younger and younger ages. NO program is more dedicated to this than KID-FIT! Our instructors are passionate about teaching children to move their bodies, mastering new skills and learning health facts all while having tons of FUN. KID-FIT is the best all-around program available. "

 Licensee Adam from Pearland, TX

Karen Adam Olney, MD

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