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Financial Investment Data

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Low-Risk Opportunity

KID-FIT is your best choice as an affordable children’s business opportunity that is both rewarding and profitable. Compared to other children’s fitness business opportunities and franchises, KID-FIT offers a low start up cost and quicker return on investment. You get everything you need with specific step by step instructions on how to build your business from the ground up, without prior sales experience. Designed specifically for you and your area.

Needed to get started:

  • Cost of Business Package: $8999.00 - $9999.99 (or less if on a payment plan)
  • Full year of Liability Insurance: $375
  • Approximately $4500 for equipment
  • Marketing costs approximately $100 month
  • MS Office Professional
  • DVD duplicating software

Projected Investment Return Rate (IRR):

How fast you'll recover your initial investment is dependent upon a number of factors such as how many hours you work, previous business experience and how closely you follow the designated plan. Because there are wide variations of situations, it is impossible to calculate exactly how much money you will earn. However, the cost of starting your own KID-FIT business is much lower than the majority of any similar children's fitness businesses. That by itself will help you to achieve a quicker return on your investment.

Additional Streams of Earnings:

All Business licensees are automatically considered brokers for the KID-FIT program. As such, commission is earned on each sign up and each renewal. See KID-FIT Zones. Funds can also be generated from related sales on a number of KID-FIT branded merchandise items, apparel, and more as approved by the corporate office. Your drive, experience, motivation and determination will dictate how much money you earn. You’ll benefit from our complete Press Kit, 2-Year Building Relationships Marketing Plan, Demo Kit with step-by-step instructions, Sales Presentation Package, accounting plan with billing template, all administrative documents needed to run your business, office set-up and more as we constantly create and add items on request.

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