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Minli Tan

Tokyo, Japan and Singapore

I quit a high paying marketing job at a MNC after getting tired of working for others and started my own company in May 2010.

I was then running several businesses at the same time.Struggling to make ends meet, I wanted to find the "right" business to concentrate solely on. Some required too much effort to build, others far too easy for new entrants and others were too dependent on economic fluctuation.

Minli in Japan with KID-FIT kids
Minli using water bottles

It was when a kindergarten asked me to create a physical education program that I stumbled upon KID-FIT - the best physical education program for pre-schoolers I could find on the internet. Having a B.Sc. degree in Physical Education, I understood the importance in every detail KID-FIT was teaching. With my marketing & business background, the licensing aspect was very attractive. And, friendly for anyone who wants to start a health/educational business, without worrying about viable competitors.

Just as I started marketing KID-FIT in early 2011, the business was forced to halt due to the March 11 earthquakes in Japan. Things began to roll when I resumed my marketing activity in mid 2011. I participated in early childhood related organizations, utilized direct mail, sent newsletters, advertised and aggressively offered prospects 4 free lessons.

Students looked forward to KID-FIT classes every week. Positive feedback was pouring in from parents and teachers were giving it a definite thumbs ups. Childcare centres were calling in, cold call appointments were made within minutes, contracts were signed and sending invoices became a monthly routine. It was physically and financially rewarding!

The KID-FIT business start-up cost is low; the license package is made ready for immediate sales & marketing. The training system is easy to follow - the best in the industry. The education business is unaffected by economic fluctuation and most importantly… all children NEED KID-FIT. With all consideration, I have given up my other businesses since, concentrating on promoting KID-FIT in Japan. After my first year I was excited to expand my business to Singapore and plan to eventually move into other Asian countries. There is a huge need for KID-FIT in early childhood education all over the world. We definitely need more Edu-preneurs to take KID-FIT globally.

I will still continue to teach KID-FIT because teaching and exercise are my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my students learn about their bodies, become fit and grow up to be healthy adults. Staying healthy while growing a business is the most ideal job one can ever have. Thanks to Michele!


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