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Diabetes Sah Gahni

Te-Moak Tribe
Elko, NV

Te-Moak Diabetes Program

The Te-Moak Tribe of the Western Shoshone centrally located in Elko, Nevada began KID-FIT in September of 2006. Our outreach program was funded by a State funded program that addressed Obesity prevention in preschool children.

We chose the KID- FIT program because of the research provided from the website originally. We saw where the concept of teaching children to obtain habits of tying their shoes and brushing their teeth was learned and maintained at an early age. If we could instill in our children this same concept regarding healthy eating, we would make tremendous strides in controlling or preventing diabetes. KID-FIT was an exact match.

Te-Moak Tribe of western Shoshone
Te-Moak Tribe Of Western Shoshone
Sharon Keams, lifestyle coach

The entire first year Sharon Keams our Lifestyle coach traveled between 50-78 miles one way to educate our little people in healthy eating and exercise.

She became known to the children in the areas as the “Exercise Lady”. The curriculum provided by Michele Silence on a 6-week basis is stellar to providing exercise, activities and healthy minds. Our children learned how to make healthy choices for their bodies. Our program reached approximately 200 children providing education that will stick with them through their lifetime.

Girl in class

Because we are a tribal organization and a non-profit program we have used this program as an example of how we can outreach to Native American children through Head Start and Day Care facilities located on the Reservations.

Phaline Conklin
Children with certificates

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