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EastLake Church Children's Center

EastLake Church Children's Center

2351 Otay Lakes Rd
Chula Vista, CA 91915

KID-FIT has been one of the best additions to our preschool & Kindergarten program that I have ever decided on. It has received an awesome response from the kids, the staff and the parents.

I feel it has really given me a great resource to help children and families be healthier. I really like the quarterly newsletter and the recipes too. They inform parents as well as encourage healthy eating at home.

Eastlake Church Childrn's Center
Eastlake Church Children's Center

Many preschools and child care centers in the area offer parents the opportunity to sign up for "added" programs for their children - like dance, karate, gymnastics, etc. Those offerings are run by someone from outside the staff and also cost parents extra. I really wanted something that ALL of our children could participate in and that would not cost parents extra.

We actually have designated a multi-purpose room which is our KID-FIT room during the days we run the program. I was not sure as a director how it would go using one of the staff to train for and teach the sessions, but it has worked out just great.

We joined in on your Fitness Day this year and actually held KID-FIT outside on our playground and the kids loved it! It went over so good that we decided that for our Parent's Days we would invite parents to come and experience some of the KID-FIT activities with their children and enjoy a healthy snack too! It was very fun and think it will become an annual event.


We always include during our school tours, for prospective parents, information about KID-FIT - I know that with the child obesity rate this is an area of concern for parents. We look forward to having KID-FIT continue as part of our curriculum for next year.

I will still continue to teach KID-FIT because teaching and exercise are my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my students learn about their bodies, become fit and grow up to be healthy adults. Staying healthy while growing a business is the most ideal job one can ever have. Thanks to Michele!

Director: Denise Cruz
Director: Denise Cruz
Eastlake Church Children's Center

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