About Us

Welcome! to The KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization! We are health educators and fitness enthusiasts who have been teaching healthy lifestyle habits to adults and children since 1986. In particular, our emphasis is on young children. Helping young children learn about proper eating, why they need exercise, practice developing sports/movement skills, channel aggression through appropriate physical means and learn all about their body systems. Most importantly, strategies to prevent childhood obesity are put in place now, while children are forming lifelong attitudes and behaviors about fitness and nutrition.

Preschool Children learning about nutrition


Preschool girl running over hurdles


Preschool children resting after exercise


Since 1994 we have been teaching KID-FIT in preschools with children as young as age 2. Children learn that exercise is fun and use a variety of equipment to help keep lessons fresh and exciting. We teach about making healthy food choices (plant based) and stress the importance of rest and sleep. Children have fun moving to our original music while learning important concepts about their bodies and how to take care of them. As soon as they can walk, they start practicing important motor and movement skills necessary for lifelong health. And, benefit from fitness activities as well as sports skills, dances, gymnastics, rhythmic activities and more.


We have a mission to help the next generation of children lead healthier and longer lives. Young children should not be suffering from obesity, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a number of other diseases usually associated with adulthood. There is no time to waste. Children around the world need our help now.

The KID-FIT program was created by Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc. and is currently taught worldwide. It has been donated to The KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization to help children around the world, especially those in disadvantaged areas. The program serves to not only educate young children but reach into the lives of school teachers, staff and parents. Handouts, newsletters, recipes and more are just some of the supplemental materials utilized to make a change in the lives of those who care for young children.

Help us provide preschool children with the basics they need to develop a healthy body and mind


Address: 135 W. Maple Ave. Monrovia CA 91016