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KID-FIT is the perfect addition to your health and wellness programming:

  • Park and Recreation Departments
  • After School Programs
  • Churches and affiliated daycare centers
  • Public School Districts
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Medical Clinics
  • Offices interested in early medical intervention for obesity prevention

What do I need to get started?

You will need a room large enough for the children to move around in safely (no more than 20 children for an average size preschool classroom with 2-3 helpers). Basic equipment needs like scarves, hoops, lummi sticks, inflatable balls, bean bags, etc. A look ahead equipment list is provided 6 weeks early so you have plenty of time to prepare.

You'll need someone who is willing and able to learn the routine and lead the children. Materials are downloaded from the internet. Someone will need to make a copy of the print materials, download the instructional video and help load the original KID-FIT music onto a device for playback in the classroom. Note: CD's and DVD's are also available by regular mail.

When can I begin?

Immediately. Once we receive your payment, you can download the materials the same day. Keep in mind though, we run 6 weeks ahead of schedule with all materials. For example, if you want to begin the program September 1, you need to order no later than mid July to have a full 6 weeks to get ready. Ordering too close to your start date means you have less time to prepare.

The price that you pay for KID-FIT and what you get out of it, to me, outweigh it. That's why we chose KID-FIT".

Ericca Terry Preschool Director, 13 years

It really helps them - not only their mental development but their physical skills too."

Katherine MartinezPreschool Teacher

We should have it more often - physical exercise in the school. I think all schools should have it."

Azra WankerPreschool Teacher

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