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KID-FIT is a great business opportunity but very different from a typical children’s fitness franchise.

KID-FIT is a structured P.E. curriculum designed to enable all children at a location to participate instead of just a select few. Children’s fitness franchise owners sell their services primarily on a pull-out basis. Also known as “parent pay” or “per child fee” classes. If you're determined to operate a business on a parent pay basis, we can show you how to do that. But, when you study our system you'll learn to use our proven method to acquire new accounts so that all children at a location participate.

When all children participate, it brings the per child price so low that even disadvantaged schools can afford the program. We'll show you how to start your accounts off on the right foot to serve all the children at a location instead of a select few. All children need to learn healthy habits - no child should be left out.

Full participation programs also become part of a school's curriculum. They provide the greatest business stability and long term financial success. Here at the corporate office, all our accounts are full participation and many have been with us for 20 years. KID-FIT isn't just about building healthy lifestyle habits in children. It's about building long term rewarding relationships too.

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