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Parents & Teachers

Whether you are a parent, teacher, school director or owner, KID-FIT can provide you with an instant fitness and nutrition program geared just for children ages 2-Kindergarten.

Simply download the materials, brand new each 6 weeks, and instruct exciting physical education classes at your location. No need to worry about designing activities, safe exercises, finding music or finding projects, recipes and worksheets. It's all done for you.

The curriculum focuses on 9 different body systems (heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain, etc.). Children learn basic anatomy, how to take care of their bodies, why it's important and how to make healthy eating choices. From the start, children learn exercise is fun, eating healthy keeps their bodies happy and rest is needed to grow and be strong.

What is KID-FIT and how can it help my preschool child(ren)?

KID-FIT is a well-rounded preschool fitness program with a curriculum and educational goals.. Children age 2-5 exercise like adults would in an aerobic class. They warm-up, do aerobics, strengthen their muscles, stretch for improved flexibility and learn how to relax. In addition to KID-FIT being a fun moving experience, it's an educational one as well. Children learn about all the parts of their bodies and why exercise and eating healthy is important for them. And review academics like counting, colors, spatial relationships, and early reading skills.

Where are KID-FIT preschool exercise classes taught?

KID-FIT is conducted at preschools or any other places preschool children gather. Contact us to find an authorized KID-FIT instructor in your area. If there isn’t one, suggest that your center order the program and teach it themselves or if you're a parent you can teach it at home.

How is KID-FIT different from the preschool exercise done in dance, gymnastics, tap, sports programs, etc.?

Compare them all here. KID-FIT does teach gymnastics skills (like balance and tumbling), dance routines, sports, rhythm, creative movement and also enhances muscular strength, endurance, heart health, flexibility and relaxation skills. Perhaps the most important feature of KID-FIT is that it's educational - teaching preschool children the importance of exercise, rest and a healthy diet. See a full KID-FIT preschool exercise demo class .

Why is it so important to start during the preschool years?

Find out why it's vital to start building healthy lifestyle habits during the earliest, formative years by watching our full length Workshop Presentation Video.

Is KID-FIT costly?

No. The cost of the program is less than that of a weekly Happy Meal or Starbucks coffee. Your preschool may pay for the yearly curriculum just to have it as part of their program. Or, charge parents a low monthly fee. Download the promotional materials provided on this page to let them know about us.

How will a preschool exercise class help me as a parent or teacher?

You'll be relieved that your child is learning how to lead an active, healthy life - even if you don't have much time to be active together. Each session your child will bring home activities that you can do together to help build positive lifestyle behaviors. It’s these behaviors that make a difference in your child's future health. You'll also learn nutritional facts, receive healthful recipes and will be motivated to do some of the fun activities too!

Participating in or teaching KID-FIT classes can also help you earn professional growth units. Ask about how you can submit KID-FIT hours through an accredited university for continuing education credit.

Help Promote Preschool Exercise Through KID-FIT

Start today and speak to your preschool director or others in places where your child frequents. Explain that Physical Education and exercise is important at this age, and that you want it included for all children. Have them contact us through the KID-FIT site. Or, start your own KID-FIT business and encourage healthy lifestyles throughout your area (See Entrepreneurs)

My daughter shows me her little exercises and has me do them. She sits down and shows me stretching and how it's good for her and that we need to warm up before we participate in the activities."

Andrea SanchezParent

Children listen better in KID-FIT than sometimes they do in a regular class because they're active. It's something they really, really look forward to doing."

Tanisha GoinsPreschool Teacher

My daughter is 3. She loves KID-FIT. I love KID-FIT!"

Sandra Moses Parent

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