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The Goal

Designed to provide much needed aerobic and strength exercise, fitness programming keeps children moving. Strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles while learning that exercise is fun. To shape a new generation who thinks "fun" when they hear the word exercise.


Usually, these programs offer a limited number of lessons that must be repeated over and over again. It is up to the business owner which lessons are used so there is no overall consistency. Children and those teaching the program soon tire of the same stale routines and boredom sets in leading to drops in enrollment and lost accounts.


Classes change each 6-weeks. Indefinitely. Although you'll find the educational goals are the same each year, the music, activities, lessons and supplemental materials are fresh and new each 6 weeks. Children, parents and staff never tire of the program. And, KID-FIT is a more stable business opportunity. All children participate in the KID-FIT program so that it becomes part of the school curriculum, not an optional program for a select few.

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