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 KID-FIT kids using shakers

The Goal

Teach children how to follow a beat, expose them to various musical instruments and offer early experiences moving to music.


Focus on music, playing instruments and doing simple movements to the beat. Children learn to listen to a beat and move to it. Games and activities are focused around singing and rhythmic activities.


Shakers, maracas and rhythm sticks are just a few of the props used in KID-FIT to help teach children rhythm and help them learn how to coordinate body movements to musical beats. KID-FIT gives children exposure to a wide variety of musical styles, composed by our own talented international song writing team. Original songs motivate children and are new every 6 weeks. Fresh music from year to year. Children and staff never get bored and each and every song is designed to include learning about the session topic.

 Singing along with Teddy bear
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