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 Learning about the body through Chef Combo puppet

The Goal

Teach about science, technology, engineering and/or math


Usually geared towards children older than preschool, the topics covered by most science models include everything except life science.


KID-FIT teaches life sciences through simple, age appropriate explanations of various systems and organs in the human body. Children learn not only what a heart, lung or brain looks like but what it does, why it is important, how to take care of it and what can hurt it. During the year children learn about all the major systems in their body from bones and muscles to eyes and ears. They learn how to deal with bullies, abusers, abductors and dangerous situations. Our loan materials and Classroom Projects help reinforce the concepts taught during class. Anatomy, psychology, biology and physiology are all covered.

 Pre-Class Education: Bones
 Learning different emotions

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