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Exclusive Area and Broker Privileges

Business owners enjoy their own exclusive area, called a Zone. A KID-FIT Zone is expressed in terms of zip codes. Each licensed owner is able to market to all zip codes within a 20 mile diameter (10 mile radius). This area is adjusted if you live near water or prefer to alter the central starting point.

Once you obtain your zone you automatically become an authorized broker for KID-FIT and increase your earning potential. You may sell licenses to those in your area that are not able to contract out to you due to policy or funding. This would include non-profit organizations such as public schools, after school programs, Head Starts and other businesses such as medical centers, hospitals and clinics. Each license/grant prospect you refer can earn you a regular commission from the corporate office.

Your zone will be renewed each year and is included as part of your monthly renewal fee (150.00). Should you grow and require more area, you can purchase additional zones when needed.

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