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KID-FIT - A complete Preschool P.E. program at your center

You're already teaching children many of the things they need to learn to take care of themselves for life. Eating healthy and exercising is just as important.

Experts agree there is no better time than preschool to start preventing childhood obesity and other lifestyle diseases. No other time in a child's life is education more effective in developing habits.

KID-FIT easily fits into your site's current schedule. Just allot a half hour of time to the program on one or more days during the week. You'll be amazed at how much the children learn. They also improve in fitness related tasks. Just request the pre and post test to validate results.

The curriculum focuses on 9 different body systems. Children learn basic anatomy, how to take care of their bodies, why it's important and how to make healthy eating choices. From the start, children learn exercise is fun, eating healthy keeps their bodies happy and rest is needed to grow and be strong.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Build more value to your preschool childcare business
  • Gain a competitive advantage by addressing childhood health concerns
  • Enhance academics at your school
  • Earn university credit for teaching or participating
  • Save time finding fitness and nutrition related materials
  • Save money spent on inadequate movement programs
  • Do-it-yourself and increase your daycare center's profits
  • Reach into homes to educate parents
Post-Class education

There's always a hidden logic in what is taught, the same as with Montessori. I recommend it with no doubt."

Pushpa De Silva, Preschool Director Preschool Director, 10 years

It's part of our curriculum. We have science, social studies, geography and KID-FIT."

Ida Tillman Preschool Director, 13 years

It's wonderful in terms of body awareness, body parts and helping children figure out how to control what they're doing."

Judy CallahanDirector B'Nai Simcha Preschool, Arcadia, CA

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