Schools, Teachers, Parents, and Gyms
Two options to choose from
Now available through our non-profit site
1. KID-FIT Preschool Music & Workouts
Michele in KID-FIT class with children and beach balls
  • Learn KID-FIT routines
  • Have access to a variety of educational music
  • Design your own preschool fitness workouts
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2. Virtual Studio Subscription Service
  • On-demand videos
  • Educational classroom extras
  • Minimal adult assistance
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Michele in a virtual KID-FIT class with big sunglasses
Which Preschool P.E. Option
Meets Your Needs?
Music And Workouts Site $9.99/mo. Virtual Studio Subscription $59.99/mo.
I want to select and learn routines then teach them to the children
Use apps to create music playlists for class
I need both single activities and full workouts
No instructing, I just want to assist the children
New activities every month
Share on-demand classes with students at home or in different classrooms
Ongoing support and training if I need help
Extras just for teachers and caretakers
Not comfortable with technology