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KID-FIT, A Complete Physical Education Curriculum

Whether you are a parent, teachers, school director or owner, KID-FIT can provide you with an instant fitness and nutrition program geared just for children ages 2-Kindergarten.

Simply download the materials, brand new each 6 weeks, and instruct exciting physical education classes at your location. No need to worry about designing activities, safe exercises, finding music or finding projects, recipes and worksheets. It's all done for you.

The curriculum focuses on 9 different body systems (heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain, etc.). Children learn basic anatomy, how to take care of their bodies, why it's important and how to make healthy eating choices. From the start, children learn exercise is fun, eating healthy keeps their bodies happy and rest is needed to grow and be strong.

Childcares & Gyms

Promote exercise and healthy eating in your programming


Integrate the curriculum into your organization's wellness program

Parents & Teachers

Works well for 1 child or a full classroom of preschoolers

KID-FIT makes it fun but it's structured. With other programs it can get out of hand. Different activities come up quickly. It's good for their attention span."

Tracey KoPreschool Teacher

I see children that are happy, involved and eagerly looking forward to the next class."

Robyn Hill Preschool Teacher, 23 years

I like this program especially for the little ones. We have a lot of shy ones and it helps them. They see the equipment and it relates to being at home with their toys."

Yvonne Soto Preschool Teacher, 22 years

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